Michal A Gross

Michael A. Gross

Michael A. Gross

Program Director

As an active church member and volunteer in his hometown of Columbia, Maryland, Michael has developed his spirit of giving and educational advancement for the youth into a viable summer internship for members of his adoptive community in Philadelphia. Currently in his final year at Drexel University, Michael studies Entrepreneurship and Real Estate. Michael actively participates in intramural sports on campus and serves as the Treasurer for the university’s club basketball team.

Michael has been a licensed Realtor since 2006 and is currently developing a series of workshops surrounding college preparation and making informed financial decisions.

At West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution, Michael managed a program of 600 prospective construction workers for ParkWest Town Center. Those who had training were guided into employment within the center and those did not were offered training or alternative employment opportunities.

Education: BS in Entrepreneurship & Legal Studies, Drexel University 2009

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Other Skills & Qualifications: Certified Educator in Personal Finance (CEPF)

Blankenburg/Paul Robeson Chess Club Coordinator (Ranked 9th in the Country)

Tiffany C Bentham

Tiffany C Bentham

Tiffany C. Bentham

Program Coordinator

Tiffany C Bentham is the consummate scholar. After graduating from the prestigious Fiorello LaGuardia High School for Performing Arts on the Dean’s list, she continued on to pursue the arduous BS/MBA Program at Drexel University. She again graduated both with honors and on the Dean’s List with a degree in finance. She is currently finishing the MBA portion of her studies pursuing both Investment Management and Entrepreneurship. In addition to her full course load Tiffany holds positions within the Dragon Fund Investment Management Club, which manages a portfolio of $250,000; and is a member of the Drexel Women in Business Guild. As a sign of her strong work ethic, she also created and managed an investment club to teach her friends the benefits of early investing and wealth creation.

Education: BS in Finance, Drexel University 2008

MBA Investment Mgmt & Entrepreneurship, Drexel University 2009

Hometown: Jamaica, NY

Other Skills & Qualifications: Certified Personal Finance Counselor (CPFC)


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